Thursday, June 6, 2013

Make a Run FROM the Border!

          I found this article online showing a Taco Bell worker, licking the side of a big stack of hard taco shells. This is a cell phone snapshot, courtesy of one of this little clown's friends. Yum Brands Inc, Taco Bell's parent company, which includes many chains we all know, of course SWEARS that these taco shells weren't served to customers. This picture surfaced on "a personal webpage" weeks later. You really expect me to believe that stack of shells didn't get served? -hmhmhmmmbullshit- I would laugh at their flimsy lie, were I not so horrified. I also don't approve of his ungloved hands, for that matter. Teen boy hands should never touch food. Hardly worth complaining about, though, when his tongue is on them! 
        But don't worry, everyone, the Board of Health is going to train that Taco Bell location, the article says. Because this is obviously an issue of safe food handling practices, and not a case where he should be beaten with rubber hoses. And, if you didn't know, this isn't the first questionable Bell related news. It was last year, or the year before, I can't keep track anymore, that we learned they were using sand in their ground beef as filler. First they admitted it and then denied it. Idiots!
       Well I didn't like the sand story, so I did a half-ass boycott of Taco Bell for a while. Then I would only order chicken items. Then I got over it. I justified it like this; sand sometimes gets into shrimp and scallops. Their job in the ecosystem is to filter the substrate at the bottom of rivers and oceans. That entails literally sucking on sand crystals until they are clean. Their random sandiness never stopped me from eating bottom feeders. I reasoned sand in taco meat wasn't actually so bad, right? No, it's actually pretty terrible. I know. Licked taco shells, however, takes it to a whole new level.
         Though I try not to think about it, heaven knows food service workers around the world (particularly those who think they are being funny OR feel they are righting a slight from a rude patron) do gross stuff to food. It is a fact. I would NOT even doubt that someone, somewhere, has stirred a turd into the sauce. Oh yes. Bet on it. Granted, a turd is certainly worse than an ugly kid's saliva, assuming he doesn't carry particular types of STDs that can be passed orally, but I will never look at any pre-handled convenience food the same way again... or ever, at all. It's one thing to imagine that they do it to rude people, which I NEVER am by the way, to avoid such a reaction. It is another thing entirely to contaminate BULK food items meant for the public! 
         And while it is easy for me to say, "Eww gross. I'm not eating that." I have other options. I haven't always, so I can empathize with the people who saw this picture and were appropriately revolted, but understand they can't afford the luxury of boycotting fast food chains. How must they feel when this may be the only way to feed their family? It isn't just disgusting. It is heartbreaking! 
         How many families survive on those 79 cent tacos? Imagine a hungry child having to eat this jaded little creep's pranked food. Or hell, anyone in need. One might assume that an impoverished adult has made certain life choices to end up needing a value menu to live, but does that mean they deserve this? Absolutely not! And, hey, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you suddenly find yourself in desperate economic straits, through no fault of your own. Pretend you only had one dollar to try and fill your belly with and you saw this picture. Now, what little consolation a drive thru could have provided is tainted, all thanks to some thoughtless suburban kid with a summer job!         
        I truly wish I had some kind of uplifting insight about those souls in need, who have few options in The Land of the Fee and The Home of the Whopper! We have abundance ONLY because there are so many who have nothing. There is no brighter side of that. And perhaps it isn't good when, as a people, we tend to need everything to be glossed over. Not all endings are happy. Not all good guys win. Sometimes it looks very bleak, but please don't lose heart. Join me in hoping that the pendulum swings in better days for us ALL... and that Karma be swift and thorough! 

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